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The world’s most advanced
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PredictCurrent is the world’s most comprehensive high resolution tidal currents model.

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See currents like never before.
World first

See currents like never before.

PredictCurrent is the most advanced source of tidal and ocean current modelling available on the market. In a world first, our team of oceanographers have produced tidal current maps for almost all the coastlines of the world, with unparalleled accuracy and resolution.

4km, 400m and 100m resolution.
Unrivalled Detail

4km, 400m and 100m resolution.

With a 400m resolution model within 90 km of the coast and a 4km resolution out to 600 km further offshore, you can now see the current flow with an incredible level detail and accuracy.

In areas with complex bathymetry and high tidal flows, we have an ultra-high resolution PredictCurrent tidal model down to 100m resolution for even greater accuracy.  

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Over 90% of the worlds coastlines.

Over 90% of the worlds coastlines.

With coverage of almost all the coastlines in the world, you can now access tidal current maps wherever you go. You are now the local expert when it comes to tidal currents!

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See how oceanic and tidal currents interact.
Coming Soon

See how oceanic and tidal currents interact.

We’ve combined the Mercator ocean currents with our tidal currents model, so in areas with significant ocean currents, you have the most accurate data possible. There’s no need to refer to different sources, as it’s now combined in to one map.

the ocean.

See what’s happening under the waves and how to best approach areas of current with Ocean Data. Compare the Mercator, RTOFS and HyCom global current models, as well as view Sea Temperature and high resolution Tidal Currents.




Sea Temp

Tidal Currents

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Tested for accuracy

The PredictCurrent model been tested against tidal current observation stations and other current models on the market, and it shows an excellent correlation for accuracy.  

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Supercharged Weather Routing

The PredictCurrent data is also included in our Weather Routing and Departure Planning tools, giving you even greater accuracy.
Warnings about dangerous wind against current situations are shown in the extreme weather alerts. 

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We’ve created a specialized PredictCurrent App for iOS, which gives you access to the same incredibly detailed current data.

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View the worlds most advanced tidal current model.