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Iridium Extreme® 9575 & Iridium 9555

Many boats carry an Iridium phone as a backup emergency device. This is a sound practice and a great safety measure. However, the Iridium GO! exec is a better solution for the following reasons. 
Iridium Extreme® 9575 & Iridium 9555
GPS Tracking.

GPS Tracking.

The Iridium 9575 extreme has GPS tracking capabilities, but the GPS tracking messages cost US$0.10 each, so the cost for hourly tracking over a month would cost US$74. The Iridium 9555 does not have GPS tracking features, whilst the Iridium GO! exec paired with a DataHub has GPS tracking. The GO! exec 5MB plan covers hourly GPS tracking for the month at no extra charge. 
SOS button.
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SOS button.

The Iridium GO! exec and Iridium 9575 have an SOS button for an emergency response service at no additional charge. The Iridium 9555 does not have an SOS button. 

Extended battery life.
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Extended battery life.

The GO! exec has 50% more battery life than an Iridium phone, with 6 hours of talk time compared to 4 hours on the Iridium 9575 / Iridium 9555

Voice quality.
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Voice quality.

The GO! exec has a built-in speaker like you would expect on an Iridium Phone and the same voice quality.

Cheaper than pre pay, with no contracts.

The Iridium GO! exec can be activated on a monthly basis, whilst an Iridium phone often requires a 12-month contract on a postpaid plan. The pre-paid plans require a 12-month expiring usage plan to get an acceptable average monthly cost of approximately US$72/month. 

Reusable SIM card.

The GO! exec allows you to activate and deactivate the same SIM card without purchasing additional cards. The Iridium phone postpaid SIM cards have an Iridium US$250 reactivation fee, and to avoid this cost, you need to buy and manage multiple SIM cards. 

More value for less.

More value for less.
$69.95/monthGO! exec 5MB Plan
More value for less.
$130/month$60 Plan + $70 GPS tracking
GPS Tracking
Anchor Alert App
AI Polars
Unlimited PredictWind forecasts
Unlimited PredictWind tools
GO! exec 5
USD/ month
5 MB's of data
5 voice minutes
Enough data for hourly GPS Tracking, AI Polars, Anchor Alerts and more.

Redundancy and backup.

If you have a failure of satellite communications onboard, such as a Starlink, you can easily upgrade the GO! exec to the PredictWind Unlimited plan to get weather, email, WhatsApp / SMS connectivity for full backup and redundancy. 

Stay safe and connected offshore, for less, with the GO! exec.