Monitor your boat from anywhere.

Monitor your boat at anchor, live N2K data and weather forecasts, on or off the boat. Customise your alerts then relax knowing your boat is in good hands, with Anchor Alert.

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Monitor your position

View live N2K data

Works onboard and ashore

Set up Alerts

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Your Anchor and Boat Position

Set your anchor position and preferences in quick or advanced mode, then monitor your vessel and position history on the map.

Live N2K Data

Pair Anchor Alert with the PredictWind DataHub to monitor your boat’s NMEA 2000 network in real-time. Keep your instrument dashboard in your pocket wherever you go and anchor with confidence.

On & Off The Boat

Monitor your vessel and receive alerts onboard via the DataHub’s wifi network or head ashore and stay connected over your vessels existing internet connection.

The DataHub is compatible with the Iridium GO! exec and other satellite connections to keep you connected literally anywhere on earth.

Set UpAlerts

Use our preset alerts or customise your own real-time and forecast alerts. The DataHub allows Anchor Alert to read your boat’s N2K network and alert you when conditions move outside your specified safe limits.

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Weather Forecasts

Know exactly what weather is headed your way, with highly accurate marine forecasts by PredictWind. View world-leading weather data with Daily Briefing, Tables and Graphs.

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Local Knowledge

Hear about the best spots, amenities and activities at your destination, from the locals, using Local Knowledge. View over 18,000 user-generated locations to learn valuable insights about your next destination. Don’t go anywhere without it.

Three Modes
Simple, Advanced and DataHub Link

Use Simple Mode to quickly drag the anchor into position and set a safe radius. Advanced allows you to manually enter data for increased accuracy. DataHub Link reads your N2K data and fills in the relevant info, then input how much chain you’ve let out and you’re done!



DataHub Link

Powered by the

Get the most out of Anchor Alert with a PredictWind DataHub. Connect it to your vessel’s N2K network and existing internet connection to unlock Remote Alerts, N2K Dashboard, Real-time Instrumentation Alerts including Depth, TWS and TWD, and increased GPS accuracy by utilising your external antenna.

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Anchor Alert
Developed by PredictWind